The Seven Types of Gear to Have in Your Bug Out Bag

The Seven Types of Gear to Have in Your Bug Out Bag


  • Water: 1 Liter per day per person is really the bare minimum. To expand your capability or to survive longer than a couple of days you will need a water filtration or purification system.
  • Food: Freeze dried back pack meals and energy bars that you just add water to. They are light weight and last a long time.
  • Clothing: A pair of sturdy boots or shoes, A pair of long pants (preferably not blue jeans), 2 pair of socks (not cotton), 2 Shirts, a jacket that is both warm and waterproof, warm long underwear, a hat, a bandana.
  • Shelter: Some type of tent or tarp and a way to set it up, a ground tarp for underneath your shelter to stay dry, a good sleeping bag.
  • First Aid Kit: Build your own along with a first aid manual, include a snake bite kit.
  • Basic Gear: Rain gear with at least two ways to stay dry; Fire: a bare minimum of 3 ways to make a fire; Cooking: small backpack stove and fuel; Survival Knife
  • Light: at least 2 dependable flashlights and a backup set of batteries for each.


 “Much Better to  Have it and not Need it, than Need it and Not Have it”

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