Berkey Water Filters Remove 99.5% of Contaminants

We’ve talked before about how great Berkey water filters are (and that they can remove fluoride), but we just can’t get enough of them. After all, how do say “enough” when it comes to ensuring you’re drinking clean water? When evaluating the effectiveness … Read More

Big Horn Trading Responds To New Federal Gun Regulations

We recently had the opportunity to speak with The Sheridan Press about President Obama’s executive order on gun control last month. The order, which outlines new gun control regulations and expanded background checks, will likely not have a large impact on … Read More

Get the Suppressor Performance You Need

As the Class III Firearms dealer in Sheridan, Big Horn Trading is your source for high-quality suppressors and accessories at great prices. We carry suppressors that are designed for precision, optimized for accuracy and are light-weight and durable. Suppressors reduce noise, muzzle … Read More

New Adventure Medical Kits at Big Horn Trading

Here at Big Horn Trading, we know that you have a spirit that loves to explore. Adventure Medical Kits are now available, providing reliable and convenient tools to help you survive. This hunting season, be prepared for cold weather, cuts, … Read More

Berkey Water Filters Showcased in New Videos

New Millennium Concepts has updated their YouTube channel with helpful videos featuring Berkey Water Filters. These five new videos will provide a visual aid to you for basic troubleshooting assistance and general product information. The first video, “Black Berkey Red Food … Read More

Take Filtration On The Go: Personal Water Filtration

Give Yourself Peace of Mind When Travelling If you have travelled to other countries, or are planning to in the future, you are likely familiar with the questionable, even dubious, reputation of the water in some countries. Big Horn Trading’s … Read More

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