Berkey Water Filters Remove 99.5% of Contaminants

We’ve talked before about how great Berkey water filters are (and that they can remove fluoride), but we just can’t get enough of them. After all, how do say “enough” when it comes to ensuring you’re drinking clean water? When evaluating the effectiveness of a water filtration system, it’s important to know how much of a contaminant the filter can remove, but also what kinds of contaminants the filter is effective on. Many people think of water filters as removing bacteria and microorganisms from water, but there’s actually many more contaminants that can be just as harmful.

This is where Berkey water filters truly excel, pulling out 99.5% of the following contaminants from your water:

  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides
  • Semi-volatile organic compounds
  • Inorganic non-metallics
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Petroleum
  • Microorganisms

Want to learn more? Check out this great infographic on Berkey water filters put together by The Daily Prep.

(Click image to be able to zoom in/out).