Big Horn Trading Responds To New Federal Gun Regulations

Photo courtesy of The Sheridan Press
Photo courtesy of The Sheridan Press

We recently had the opportunity to speak with The Sheridan Press about President Obama’s executive order on gun control last month. The order, which outlines new gun control regulations and expanded background checks, will likely not have a large impact on local businesses such as ours since most local dealers are already licensed. However, as we mentioned to the Press, we believe that a better approach to decreasing gun violence is to focus on enforcing gun laws already on the books. You can read more about our conversation with the Press, as well as input from other local businesses on The Sheridan Press’ website.

About Big Horn Trading

Big Horn Trading is your friendly downtown pawn shop, and a member of the National Pawn Brokers’ Association – meaning your transactions will always be confidential. We are also Sheridan’s only Class III firearms dealer, authorizing us to sell silencers and other Class III firearms and accessories.

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