Survival of the Fittest Outfitters

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Each year devastating disasters ravage our nation, leaving behind countless victims. Pre-disaster planning can have a dramatic impact on minimizing the tragedy and suffering, resulting in more efficient and coordinated (non panicked) response, and will save lives. Now is the time to prepare for these conditions Don’t wait until it is too late. And, do not be fooled into thinking that only other people are affected. Remember Terrorist attacks, tsunamis, blizzards, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, biological and toxic chemical accidents or attacks can happen because of a large number of factors, most beyond your control, how well you plan, prepare and respond to those situations will determine how well and if your family will survive them.

Most of us would consider it foolish to be without insurance for our homes, cars, health and lives> How much less import is a survival plan? Remember during and immediately after a major disaster, you and your family may very well be on your own for over 72 hours without any assistance from outside services. Don’t get caught unprepared, be sensible, be safe, be prepared.