FEMA’s List of Hazards to Prepare For

The Following is a list Produced by FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency of Hazards to Prepare for: Avalanche Drought Earthquake Epidemic Flood Hurricane Landslide Tornado Tsunami Volcanic Eruption Train Derailment Urban Conflagration Wildfire Winter Storm Airplane Crash Dam Failure Hazmat Release … Read More

Benefits to being Prepared

There are real benefits to being prepared: Being prepared can reduce fear, anxiety, and losses that accompany disasters. Communities, families, and individuals should know what to do in the event of a fire and where to seek shelter during a … Read More

Survival of the Fittest Outfitters

Each year devastating disasters ravage our nation, leaving behind countless victims. Pre-disaster planning can have a dramatic impact on minimizing the tragedy and suffering, resulting in more efficient and coordinated (non panicked) response, and will save lives. Now is the … Read More