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Berkey Water Filters Remove 99.5% of Contaminants

BerkeyWaterFilter_finalIGWe've talked before about how great Berkey water filters are (and that they can remove fluoride), but we just can't get enough of them. After all, how do say "enough" when it comes to ensuring you're drinking clean water? When evaluating the effectiveness of a water filtration system, it's important to know how much of a contaminant the filter can remove, but also what kinds of contaminants the filter is effective on. Many people think of water filters as removing bacteria and microorganisms from water, but there's actually many more contaminants that can be just as harmful.

Get the Suppressor Performance You Need

GemtechAs the Class III Firearms dealer in Sheridan, Big Horn Trading is your source for high-quality suppressors and accessories at great prices. We carry suppressors that are designed for precision, optimized for accuracy and are light-weight and durable. Suppressors reduce noise, muzzle flash and recoil, lowering the potential for hearing damage and allowing you to focus on shooting fundamentals.

Shop our online store to find the right suppressor today!

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"Very happy with the help John has given me on a couple of gun purchases, he knew I was looking for a Marlin Model 39A, he got 2 in and called me right away, bought one of the guns and am very satisfied with it."

- Kent R.


"I'm very impressed with the store, there is a large collection of things their that I've never found anywhere in Sheridan or even Billings and the prices are very reasonable for a small business."

- Clark G.